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RAW Digital Lab is the love child, created when Sydney-siders Jarred and Leisa first met in 2010. Both in the wedding industry, they knew the struggles photographers had with the post production side of their business. At the time, Australia didn’t have an option for high end, fully customisable editing companies. Once word started to spread of our high quality product and customer service RAW Digital Lab found it’s place on a global scale, working with photographers all over the world with the majority coming from The USA, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Customer service has always been at the forefront of the business, and we’re committed to keeping the boutique, small business vibe we began with.

RAW Digital Lab operates out of a beautiful, warehouse style office in Sydney, Australia. We’re all under the one roof and 100% of the editing is done in house by our talented team.

RAW Digital Lab


  • I’m a reality TV show junkie
  • I love dancing so much I studied at The Ministry of Dance in Melbourne for two years
  • I put my hands in a pot of boiling rice as a baby (no scars!)
  • I love cricket
  • As a child I was on a reality TV show called ‘My Kid’s a Star’
RAW Digital Lab


  • I’m addicted to chicken wings
  • I’m a self confessed Photoshop geek
  • I failed the glockenspiel at school
  • My longest romantic relationship has been with Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek
  • 80% of my wardrobe is plaid
RAW Digital Lab


  • Call me Dom (or Dave)
  • From a young age my dream was to become George Costanza
  • As a child my diet consisted solely of Whiskers cat biscuits and sand
  • I reached adulthood officially at the age of 14 after successfully obtaining my own Blockbuster Video membership
  • I sprayed cologne into my mouth everyday after my morning shower for three months because Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) did it in Home Alone 1
RAW Digital Lab


  • Illustrator
  • Self Confessed Bibliophiole
  • I once fractured my tailbone playing pass the parcel
  • Favourite food combo = Chicken & Pineapple
  • I grew up thinking my parents wrote ‘Family Man’ by Hall & Oates
RAW Digital Lab


  • I am obsessed with Monica Bellucci
  • I could watch the Godfather another 10,000 times
  • I would love to travel as much of the world as possible with a camera over my shoulder
  • I eat pastas for breakfast
  • When I grow up I want to be as cool as James Nachtwey
RAW Digital Lab


  • Cheese pizza is my life
  • I view menus at restaurants as a starting point. I then go ahead and make my alterations, every. single. time.
  • Melissa McCarthy is my favourite actress. (Insert: The Heat, Bridesmaids, Spy)
  • My idol is Fredrik Eklund, a Swedish real estate agent in New York who stars on Million Dollar Listings, NY
  • My guilty pleasure song is ‘We Can’t Stop’ by Miley Cyrus
RAW Digital Lab


  • I dress as Bruce Springsteen to any & all costume parties
  • I can roller skate like a pro
  • I have won over 5 hula hoop competitions
  • I can make lasagna better than your Nan’s
  • I have a sincere phobia of cotton balls
RAW Digital Lab


  • I have a major struggle in discerning whether or or not a kiss, hug or handshake greeting is appropriate
  • I once won a years supply of tinned spaghetti. Yeah, that was a “prize”
  • I only got my drivers licence when I was 25 and still absolutely hate driving
  • I legitimately love Lightroom so much that I have talked about getting a Lightroom tattoo
  • My best and by far most useless, talent is identifying one hit wonders from ’95-’05 in the first 5 seconds of them being played
RAW Digital Lab


  • I finished 8th place in a state chess competition
  • I eat Weetbix without milk
  • I have a bad habit of repeating things people say in weird voices
  • Celebrity crush: Emma Watson
  • I could eat pizza every meal for the rest of my life
RAW Digital Lab


  • I am not at all Australian (UK native!)
  • I once tried to hitchhike from China to Mongolia and ended up stranded between the borders for an entire day
  • I tell the worst jokes in the Sydney Metropolitan area
  • Worlds Biggest Indian food enthusiast
  • Terrified of the dentist after getting a $50 root canal performed in Perú
RAW Digital Lab


  • I’m a songwriter
  • I suffer from Orinithophobia (fear of birds)
  • I own a hairless cat named Walter
  • My first celebrity crush was Steve Martin
  • I like to watch videos of sloths having baths in my spare time
RAW Digital Lab


  • I am a chocoholic
  • I’ve never broken a bone (touch wood!)
  • In 2014 I won a competition to create flavours for my favourite gelato company and they were sold to the public
  • I play video games in my spare time
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue
RAW Digital Lab


  • Hobbies include making & eating Sushi
  • I have an obsession with Hayley Williams from Paramore
  • I previously studied sports and exercise before studying photography
  • I am a massive Star Wars nerd
  • I spent my 10th birthday in tears as my parents convinced me I would turn into a dog
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