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As a studio full of not only editors but also photographers (like you!), we know how important choosing the right images for your clients can be. We have an in-house designated culling team who will service you and ensure your clients are delivered with the very best shots of the day. As we all know, image selection is a powerful part of the post production process. It is a long process to curate the coverage into a strong, cohesive set of images that tell the story of your clients day in the best way possible, as well as showing off the best of your photography.

Each of your images are viewed full screen during our culling process allowing us to see as much detail as possible in every image. The beauty of working with Smart Previews in Lightroom is that you’re able to send across all of your images in the one catalog, and have us make the selections. We usually ‘flag’ the selects however if you are used to a star or colour system – let us know! Remember, as we’re a highly customised service we really want to ensure that we’re making your lives as easy as possible.

When the culling stage is competed your job will then progress to your editor. When editing, your editor is keeping a close eye on the image selection choices made by the culler, this means you get two sets of eyes on the job!

If you would like us to cull, you simply need to provide us with a target number. You will be charged as per the standard price list based on whatever bracket your target number falls into and charged an additional AUD$75 for the culling process, providing the total number of files is less than 5000 to start with.

If you send over 5000 images to be culled from we charge AUD$150 for the culling process.

RAW Digital Lab


We now offer a highlight selection which is a separate image selection process on up to 150 of the best images of the day. You’re able to get this service even if you’ve done your own cull (or add $25 onto the regular culling fee). This service is used by our clients to save them time with blogging, sneak peaks, album design and client slideshows.